Annie the Artist – Nordstrom

Annie Nordstrom  anniewriter2@gmail.com  306-845-3962

Anne or Annie (she answers to both) has been drawing and painting since her earliest memories of age 4. Her father painted in oils.  Born and living in Rhodesia, Africa, until age 27, she loves bright tropical flowers, foliage and scenery. Her favorite colours are red, yellow, orange and green. She paints water and skies blue – usually. She paints in acrylic on canvas or board. Her subjects range from people to landscapes, seascapes, animals and abstract. There will be a few of each in her show. Kids and parents are welcome to paint a few pictures on the tables set out at the show (free). As an ex-teacher Annie encourages kids to paint. Open from 10am to 6 pm

Located at Sunset View Beach, Turtle Lake, east side, close to the boat launch@604 Kenderdine South. Look for the cabin with log siding and a green roof. Garage doors will be open.

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