Bonnie Luopa Watercolor

Hours: Open from 10am-6pm.


Located at 1730 Neuman Cres. Sunset View Beach, Turtle Lake, east side in the garage. Watch for signs.

blluopa@xplornet.ca   780-856-2065


Bonnie is a self-taught dabbler of the paint brush. It all started back in grade school experimenting with acrylics, oils, sketching and sculpting which eventually lead to watercolor. Taking the occasional course from professional artists has also furthered her knowledge and optimism about ART. Bonnie has always found nature to be her greatest inspiration and motivator.

She paints in a realistic/impressionistic style using photos she has taken for reference. Her own photos are typically the best source of material, since they capture the image, composition and design she prefers.  She usually works from 2 or 3 photos which she may combine to enhance the important elements and eliminate anything that will not contribute to the success of the painting.  Bold and colorful describes her watercolors.  Watercolor is an intriguing and powerful medium. Bonnie continues to experiment with techniques, application, pigment activity and marvels at how water interacts with these processes to create a wonderful surprise. Over the years her work has been entered in art Shows and sales, juried art shows, displayed at various businesses, various art markets and on her web site.  She also teaches watercolor classes.

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